My Favorite Television Moms

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day! Now, let’s get down to the business of this blog – my favorite television mothers! Television has been around for a while, so I have about 60 or so years of shows from which to choose. If I left out one of your favorites, please let me know!

10. Florida Evans – “Good Times”

Oh sure, you might not be living in the lap of luxury, but you would sure have a lot of love. Florida showed her love for J.J., Thelma, and Michael all the time, but she wasn’t afraid to offer them some of that 70s tough love when they needed it. And beside, Florida used to be Maude’s maid – she might not mind cleaning up after you as much!

9. June Cleaver – “Leave It to Beaver”

Yes, I know June was THE quintessential 50s housewife and mother, but honestly, as a female, I think I would have had trouble living up to her motherly standards. However, June was voted the #1 favorite television mother in a recent Reuters poll.

8. Lucy Ricardo – “I Love Lucy”

Can you imagine having Lucy as your mom? With one hair brained scheme after another, life would be too funny. Maybe a bit manic as well, but there would never be a dull moment. Unfortunately, according to what I read, being Lucille Ball’s children in real life was not quite as fun.

7. Edith Bunker – “All in the Family”

You know Edith would love you no matter what you did. Archie would probably grump and complain, but Edith could make it all better. She was no June Cleaver, but then sometimes you just need motherly love and good cooking!

6. Laura Petrie – “The Dick Van Dyke Show”

Wow – what a hip mom to have. She dressed fashionable, she could sing, dance, and still put dinner on the table. Oh yeah, and she was beautiful.

5. Thelma Harper – “Mama’s Family”

Yes, she was mouthy, but you know Thelma loved Vinton – she let him and the kids move back into her “showplace” after his divorce. And, she was like a lively older version of Lucy, always getting into something. I love Mama.

4. Sharon Osborne – The Osbornes

Oh, tell me it wouldn’t be cool to have Sharon Osbourne as your mom! She wasn’t the traditional mom by any means, but she turns into a mama lion when it comes to her kids and besides, she is funny and I love the accent.

3. Carol Brady – “The Brady Bunch”

She had six kids and she still managed to take care of them all…with a little help from Alice. What was best about Carol was this was the first show I remember that featured step kids and she seemed to love the boys just as much as she loved her own girls.

2. Elyse Keaton – “Family Ties”

I liked Elyse. She was a bit hippie, having been a flower child of the 60s, but she also embodied the working mom so well. And, when Alex and Mallory were practically grown, she cranked out a new baby. Awesome!

1. Marion Cunningham – “Happy Days”

Sorry, but Mrs. C is my all time favorite television mom. She was a homebody, but could be sassy when she needed – even the Fonz loved her!