My Home School Grades

Not all states require homeschoolers to keep records but all homeschoolers should require it of themselves.  Even a personal log of what your children have done and accomplished is valuable.  Your child may want to keep track for herself, laws in your state may change, your child may attend school or college, you may want to keep track for yourself to know what your child has done and what worked best in your homeschool.  For all those reasons and more, you will want to an easy to use, thorough, and affordable tracking system.  One such system that you may want to emply is My Home School Grades.

What Can My Home School Grades Do?

  • Keeps track of grades and/or progress.
  • Enables you to customize with your own curriculum.
  • Enables you to add students and student information.
  • Keeps track of extra-curricular activities.
  • Makes official college ready transcripts easily!


How Affordable is My Home School Grades?

Believe it or not it is $49.99.  No silly, not $49.99 a year.  No again, not $49.99 per student.  You get all your tracking needs for all your children for $49.99 period.  Lifetime membership!  If you are still uncertain but interested then try the 14 day free trial to decide for yourself.

My Thoughts on My Home School Grades

I have a real problem with implementing anything else in my life that takes brainpower.  I do.  I admit it.  If I am going to add one more aspect to my homeschooling it has to be easy to use.  My Home School Grades qualifies in the easy to use department.  The navigation is simple and the program is intuitive.  You won’t be wrestling this to the ground just to enter in a math quiz.  I also do not keep grades in a traditional sense on every subject so I don’t want a lot of extras I will never use.  With My Home School Grades, you can select a Pass/Fail option.  Another thing on my list is easy set up.  I will not go out of my way to use anything that promises to organize me or help me.  Yes, I am difficult but that’s why you love me.  Well, set up is simple.  All I had to do was click and type and click again.  And if you want me to reveal another little dark part of myself…I will not use anything that has only one purpose.  Why? Because I am disorganized like that.  I will never be able to keep up with something that tracks grades and extra-curricular activities.  And yes, My Home School Grades does both.  I have to keep track of these things for my children’s end of the year evaluation.  If I have to do it, it must be done easy and right and made to look like it wasn’t so easy.  Yes, add pride issues to my intolerance to a heavy work load on things I would rather not do.  So, My Home School Grades makes me look like Miss Super Organized Homeschooler and it is also like having my own little assistant.  What more could a girl want?