My Husband is on Vacation

My husband recently reminded me he was on vacation next week.  As the words left his mouth my face could not hide my feelings.  My teenager caught my look and chuckled to herself.  She knew this was not exactly good news.  I tried to feign excitement but my husband already knew none was to be had.  Now, don’t misunderstand it isn’t because I do not adore him.  It is because as my daughter said, “it is an abnormality”.  Having him home completely throws me off balance.

As if having my oldest home for two weeks was not throwing me off enough, I learn that as she returns to school I will have my husband home for a week.  This should not have come as a surprise since he tries to take the kids’ birthdays off and since two are the second week of January he simply takes the whole week off.  But alas, my mind having gone to mush over a long holiday break, allowed me to forget that I would have one more week before routine would move back in.  Oh how I long for routine again.  We have been overloaded with illness, festivities, doctor’s appointments, and shopping trips, not to mention trying to survive on low funds after the holidays, that I was ready for a schedule again.  I can’t say I am ready to take my oldest back to school.  I rather enjoyed sleeping past 7 am and she is fun to have around.

My husband is wonderful.  However, I cannot seem to get anything done when he is here.  He insists that he does not prevent me from my normal routine.  Why yes, he does.  He just doesn’t realize it.  His mere presence demands attention even if he is not asking for it.  We, myself and the kids, want to spend time with him.  So, I have decided to simply use his presence to our benefit.  He will sub for me in some classes and help me organize the house.  Yes, I still have my Christmas tree up.  This is a record for me but the holidays and the end of the year were nothing but chaotic.  So, wish me luck as I try to focus with the love of my life standing just feet away from me.