My Wedding Night

We were finally married and because we did not have a big reception we had a great dinner with all the friends and family that did come to share that wonderful day with us. My mother, sister and one of my friends came down to Texas from Massachusetts to share in our wedding. It was great to see them so we wanted to include them in our wedding night party. This was their first trip to Texas so we wanted to do the tourist things we went to a country bar in Fort Worth called Billy Bob’s.

It was fun my friend found some cowboys that she thought were adorable. We had our picture taken on a bucking bull it was my mom, sister, my friend and me in my wedding veil, that picture still makes me smile to this day. We were so happy having a couple of adult beverages, being silly and just having fun. We had so much family drama and stress leading up to our wedding that it was great to just kick back and relax. It was nice not having my in-laws around telling us what is tacky and giving us nasty looks because we were having a beverage or two.

I am still not sure why we had so many problems with the in-laws, I don’t know if it is because I grew up in the North East and I was raised in a totally different environment than in the south. All I know is that there is a lot of tension and I hoped that it would stop now that we were married.

The day after our wedding my friend Lisa flew home to Massachusetts and it was very sad to see her leave. She was leaving beautiful sunny weather and headed home to a snow storm. My mom and sister were leaving on a later flight but their flight got cancelled because of the snow storm so we called the bed and breakfast we were going to stay at and booked two more rooms. Our courtship and wedding were not traditional why should our honeymoon be?

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