MyHeritage Mobile App Version 2.0 Released

iPhoneDo you use MyHeritage for your genealogy research? If so, then you probably will want to check out their updated app. It was released on January 9, 2012, and is version 2.0. The app is free to download and some new features have been added.

Genealogy and technology are two different things that are becoming more and more interwoven as time goes by. Genealogists of the past might have spent the majority of their research time visiting libraries and record archives. Today, the majority of genealogists go online to do research, to put together a family tree, and to blog about family history.

There are several different online genealogy websites to choose from. Many have created apps that connect with the website and give users the same access to features on their smartphones as they are used to getting through their laptops and home computers. MyHeritage recently updated its mobile app.

The new version of the MyHeritage app is version 2.0, and it was released on January 9, 2013. You can download it for free from iTunes. The app is designed for both the iPhone and the iPad. It requires iOS 4.3 or later. Or, you can download it from Google Play for free. It requires Android 2.2 and up.

Here are some of the features of version 2.0 of the MyHeritage app:

* View and edit your family tree
* Add people to your tree and take their photos
* Edit profiles, events and relationships easily
* Search billions of records on MyHeritage
* Simple photo sharing – capture, store & share family moments
* Sync with your family site on
* MyCeleb feature – discover who your celebrity look-alike is
* It supports 32 languages (including 5 new languages that it did not support in previous versions).

Do you already have an older version of the MyHeritage app? The new app will upgrade seamlessly with your older version without affecting your data. This app has been in development since it was first released, and you can expect that there will be newer versions, with even more features, added in the future.

There is a video on the MyHeritage website that showcases the new version of the app. You may want to watch it before you download the app so you will know what it can do. Or, if you have already downloaded the app and have questions about it, the answers might be in the video.

Image by superstrikertwo on Flickr