Natural Remedies for Colds

hot_teaAs if the stomach flu were not enough, my other daughter has a terrible cold. Perhaps the stomach bug invited more bugs to the party.  It seems this year has been terrible for illness for a lot of families.  Many cannot get rid of one bug fast enough to get a break from the next on their doorstep. If it isn’t one thing it is another.  The worst part is illness will make its way around once again since it is something new.  With everyone coming off the flu we are prime for the next invasion since our defenses are low.  Instead of the stomach flu, this new bug manifests in sneezing, watery eyes, headache, chills, low grade fever, and cough.  I hate giving my kids medicine all the time so I try to use home remedies as much as possible.

My favorite home remedy is a cup of hot tea with lemon and honey.  However, I would not recommend giving hot tea to children.   However, a spoonful of honey is soothing on the throat.  Make sure your child gets a lot of rest.  Rest helps heal the body so even if your child feels better give her one more day of rest.  When my son used to get sick, he would sleep for most of the day.  He always recovered quicker than my other children.  If your child is stuffed up you may want to try a humidifier or steamy bath.  Provide a lot of extra fluids to keep your child hydrated.  Keeping hydrated also helps with mucus.  Avoid dairy products as that increase mucus.  Chicken soup really does help with a speedy recovery!  Just make sure it isn’t too hot.  If your child is too hot try a lukewarm shower.  If you suspect an underlying cause of your child does not improve seek a doctor.