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Negative Consequences of Yo-Yo Dieting


Most of us know that yo-yo dieting (losing weight, gaining weight, losing again, gaining again) isn’t good for your health.  Studies in the past have suggested that it could lead to gallbladder disease, high cholesterol and blood pressure.

It may also have a negative psychological impact, such as leading to depression.  It can actually decrease your motivation and make you feel that weight loss will never happen.

According to new research by Wake Forest University, in postmenopausal women yo-yo dieting may actually increase the risk of developing heart disease.  One of the things that can happen is that although blood sugar, cholesterol, triglyceride and blood pressure levels improved after losing weight, regaining may lead to levels even higher than before the weight loss.

To think that one’s health could be worsened by yo-yo dieting is yet another reason to try and maintain weight.  This is why it’s important that the way you lose weight is something you can continue.

If you drop ten pounds by taking drastic measures, the chances are pretty slim that you will be able to keep the weight off.  In fact, you could end up putting on more weight than you lost.

Even if we don’t know for sure that it’s detrimental to your health, it definitely is to your psyche.  I know from experience.

Prior to the holidays I had lost some weight.  But I messed up big time over the course of nearly two weeks (inconsistency with exercise and unhealthy food choices).  I ended up putting back on the weight I lost, along with a little extra.

One of the dangers of this is that you can decide to forget trying.  You lose all drive.  And even if you do attempt to correct things, it doesn’t make you feel very good inside.

Yo-yo dieting has too many negative consequences to be worth it.  So make it your goal this year to maintain your weight or if you need to lose some, to manage it well.