New App to Save Memories

What is Saving Memories Forever?

Saving Memories Forever is a way to preserve memories of family for a lifetime using technology.  It’s time to toss the time capsule and get out the smartphone.

The system has two parts:

A smartphone app and a website. 

Subscribers use the smartphone app to record the stories and use the website to manage the stories. The recording is easy, mobile, and fun. Using the app, the recorded stories are easy to upload. 

Subscribers then manage their stories on the website, adding tag words for easy story searching the extras such as photos, recipes, and other family storytellers.  The website is private and secure.

~From the Site.

 If you are someone who enjoys old family movies, flipping through an old photo album, or reminiscing of days gone by then this service is for you.


Saving Memories Forever is all about storytelling.  The difference is these stories are unique to your family.  Kids can interview grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, and each other, and record it for safe keeping.  If you were every interested in genealogy then this is a nice way to start with those already in your life and keep that legacy for generations to come.  In addition to interviews you can add photos, transcriptions, and other documents.  If you ever wished you could talk to a loved on who passed away in recent memory or long ago, you will appreciate this service. If your children love history then have them start learning about their own family history.  Kids will love conducting the interviews and loved ones will love to be a part of it.

Saving Memories Forever is easy to navigate and the app is free.  You can pay $3.99 (or $40/year) and have unlimited access and experience more features.