New Uses for Old Earrings

Do you have a bunch of old earrings that you never wear anymore? Earrings can be like single socks, one of the pair generally gets lost and then you can’t do anything with them. So you throw them in a drawer, and there they stay. Well, here are some frugal ways to take advantage of all of those unwanted earrings in some fun new ways. (And if you don’t have any unwanted earrings, check out your local thrift store or tag sale, where they can be had for pennies for a bagful.)

One of the most fun ways to use pierced earrings is in place of thumbtacks for bulletin or notice boards. They liven up a plain cork board and are sure to grab attention. Discard the backs (or save them for another project) and simply stick the earrings into the board. Depending on the earrings used, you can have a classic or funky look for your office space.

Another cute idea, especially for a teenage girl’s room, is to use the earrings to decorate a lampshade. They will look great lines up in a row at the bottom, or all over the shade for a really bold look.

If you like to knit, here is a cute idea. Turn your small dangling earrings into stitch markers! Just wrap the wire back of your earring around a knitting needle to make a circle. You can snip off the little extra wire end for a smoother circle, or simply bend it with a pliers.

For larger earrings, you can turn them into a brooch or pin for your sweater or jacket. Actually, this is an idea from the turn of the century, when many jewelers created sets that allowed earrings to attached into a necklace or brooch for a different look. You would be surprised how many single earrings make nice pins.

What do you think of these ideas for reusing earrings. Do you have any other ideas to share?

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