New Year’s Resolutions for Your Family

new-years-resolutions-for-your-familyThe start of a brand new year inspires many people to make some New Year’s resolutions. They make a promise to themselves to work on something specific that they believe will make them happier or healthier. This year, take the opportunity to make some New Year’s resolutions that focus on your family.

You can make family New Year’s resolutions as part of your New Year’s Eve celebration. Sit down with your family and make some resolutions together. Decide on things that your family members want to work on as a team. The best part of family resolutions is that everyone can help, can cheer each other on, and can hold each other accountable for keeping the resolutions.

Not sure where to begin? Try some of these family oriented resolutions:

Resolve to sit down to dinner together as a family at least once a week. Your family can do this at home, at a relative’s house, at a restaurant, or even on a picnic.

Resolve to make some healthy food choices. For parents, this could mean reading the nutrition label on packages before throwing them into your grocery cart. You might be surprised by how much sugar is in some packaged foods! For kids, it might mean that they promise to at least try new fruits, vegetables, and meals that are unfamiliar to them.

Resolve to get some exercise on a regular basis. Go for a family bike ride. Take your family to a park where they can run around, swing, climb, and explore. Find a kid-friendly exercise video on YouTube that your whole family can do together. Build a snowman. Get a pool pass and go swimming when the weather is warm. Take the dog for a walk.

Resolve to develop your faith. When things get busy, some families find it difficult to practice their faith. The new year could be a good opportunity to put some effort into doing the things that your religion advises you to do. When times are tough, many people find comfort in their religious beliefs. Practicing a religion can give your family something healthy to turn to when they are feeling hopeless.

Resolve to make time to play. Kids love it when their parents take the time to play with them. These moments of frivolity will turn into happy memories. Play a board game together, or get out the controllers and play a video game together. Go outside and play soccer or baseball or catch. Buy everyone their own coloring book so the family can color together.

Resolve to try again. Keep in mind that the majority of people quit their New Year’s resolutions by the end of January. If your family falls into that pattern – that’s ok. Restart that resolution and try again!

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