Nibble + Squeak Welcomes Toddlers

Nibble + Squeak Welcomes Toddlers | Families.comMany families consider dining out to be a relaxing treat. The experience might not be so easy for parents of toddlers.

There is reason to be concerned that your toddler might throw a loud tantrum that causes other people in the restaurant to complain. Fortunately, there is a dining club that is actively welcoming toddlers (and their families).

Nibble + Squeak describes itself as: a unique dining club for “parents with pipsqueaks”. It hosts food events for babies and toddlers and their caretakers (parents, grandparents, and more) at its restaurants. Right now, there is a Nibble + Squeak dining club located in New York and another one in London. It appears the plan is to expand to more areas in the future.

The mission of Nibble + Squeak is to make it easy for new parents to treat themselves and enjoy their local food scene at all levels. They work with restaurants to create a comfortable haven for families. Those comforts can include private rooms, restaurant buy-outs, custom menus, and daytime openings. It can also include high chairs, changing mats, and stroller parking.

One awesome thing about Nibble + Squeak is that it gives parents the opportunity to meet other like-minded friends. It can be difficult for a single parent to meet people who are also raising young children.

In a two-parent household, the parent that stays home and is the primary caregiver to a toddler might feel overwhelmed and isolated. The chance to sit down, have a nice meal, and meet other stay at home parents is a healthy way to take a break and release some stress.

There have been incidents where a toddler was loud, or decided to throw a tantrum, at a restaurant. This can be both embarrassing and stressful for parents who know that the other diners are now staring at them (and possibly thinking judgmental thoughts). Sadly, it has become reasonable to fear that your child’s bad behavior will be recorded by a stranger and posted on the internet.

It may sound confusing, but Nibble + Squeak is not the name of a physical restaurant location. Instead, it functions like an event organizer. It works with high-end restaurants in the area and helps them to set up a toddler-friendly dining event. Parents who want to attend the event need to buy tickets.

The cost of the tickets might, or might not, fit into your budget. You might want to consider Nibble + Squeak as a treat instead of something you do every week. The ticket price gives parents of toddlers the opportunity to dine in fantastic restaurants that might not be accessible to them otherwise.

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