No more pierced ears…

I read that Jennifer Garner was 36 years old when she got her ears pierced.  I begged my mom to get my ears pierced for years before she finally gave in when I was 12 years old.  She originally wanted to wait until I was 13 years old.  I was so excited at 12 that I cannot imagine waiting until 36 years old.  So, unlike my mom I decided to allow my girls to get their ears pierced as soon as they asked.

My first daughter asked when she was about five years old.  So, I got them pierced.  That lasted until she was so sensitive to almost every earring in the galaxy that she decided to go without.  She is 15 and still does not care if she wears them.  My second daughter decided she wanted her ears pierced at 6 years old but we didn’t get around to it until she was seven.  She loves it.  She is very good about taking care of her ears and is super excited to have me buy tons of earrings for her.

Now, we come to my third daughter.  She was with us when her sister got her ears pierced.  The lady asked her if she wanted them pierced and she said she did not.  However, her sister (the one getting her ears pierced) encouraged her and she changed her mind.  So, I allowed it.  That was a mistake.

Some kids at four can have their ears pierced with no problems.  My daughter was super excited for the first few days and then pretty much acted like her ears were on fire.  It was to the point of insanity.  Finally, I took them out today to clean her ears, clean the earrings, and all that jazz.  The day to remove them had finally arrived.  She screamed bloody murder and insisted if I touched them it would hurt.  I don’t recall ever seeing her so scared and so insistent on not listening to reason.  After finally convincing her to have them removed I found her ears to be in perfect shape.  There was no redness, swelling, or bleeding.  Yet, she insisted they hurt terribly.  She begged me not to put them back in and insisted she did not want her ears pierced.  Fine by me.  We took them off and she is happy as happy can be.