Nutritious Food on a Limited Budget

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThink you are forced to choose between an affordable grocery bill and healthy, nutritious food? Think again! There are many easy ways to get your family the healthiest food you can, all while spending less at the grocery store.

On Tuesday, my friend Amy delivered our half of the CSA farm bounty. Our two families split a farm share, and we alternate pick up. This means that we get fresh, organic produce each week for a cost of about half of what it would be in the store. Among all of the good food were the sweetest organic raspberries that I have ever tasted. I think I got about two or three before the kids gobbled them all up.

Belonging to a CSA is one way that we can afford fresh, nutritious food on a budget. Here are some others.

Purchase frozen versions. Strawberries in the winter are going to be expensive, but you can still have them if you opt for frozen version. Frozen fruits and vegetables are very affordable and very nutritious! This produce is usually packed immediately after harvest, so it can actually retain more nutrition compared to fresh version that have been transported to the grocery stores. Plus, frozen food won’t go bad, saving you money on wasted food.

Grow your own. Even if you live in a small apartment, you should be able to grow something. Use containers to grow tomatoes, strawberries and more. Many fruits and vegetables have miniature versions available, making it easy to grow lemons on your porch or balcony, for example. Any little bit helps, and it is great to know where your healthy food is coming from.

Take advantage of discount produce markets. These markets may not be well advertised, so you will have to ask around. The markets often buy produce in bulk and then pass on the savings to you. Imagine 3 pounds of bananas for just $1!

Once you start looking around, you will see that it may be easier than you think to provide your family with healthy food for less.


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