Online Holiday Shopping Tips (2)

online Shopping online can save you a lot of money if you take advantage of these frugal deal secrets. I’ve already covered some of my top tips for online holiday shopping including my favorite deal sites. Now, let’s continue with more online holiday shopping tips.

Shop on the weekends

Most people shop online during the week, saving the weekends for shopping in the regular brick and mortar stores. Because the online stores know this, the set some big deals to occur during the weekends in the hopes of getting those sales. Take advantage of this and shop on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Look for those “online only” deals

Online only deals are deals that you won’t see in the brick and mortar stores. Generally they are there to test out a product, boost online sales or just generate some buzz. Online only deals can be very good for saving money when shopping online.

Use Ship to Store

Ship to store means that you order the product online and then go to your local store to pick it up. Wal-Mart is a store that does this. There are many advantages to using ship to store. The online price is often less expensive than the same item sitting on the store shelves, you don’t have to spend time searching the actual store shelves, and by picking the item up, you can get the online deal and save on shipping costs.

Look for refurbished

Refurbished items offer incredible deals especially for online electronics. Refurbished means that a customer purchased an item and then sent it back to the store. The reason could be anything from the product didn’t work to the customer had buyers remorse. Refurbished items are checked throughly by the manufacturer or store before being resold. They also carry the same warranty as new items. We saved about $1,000 off the of the cost of a laptop by buying a refurbished one online.

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