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Opposite Day

This fantastically fun idea is inspired by a clever new tune by veteran kid’s singer/songwriter Steve Roslek (aka SteveSongs). In the track, off SteveSongs’ excellent new disc “Marvelous Day!” we hear about what life would be like if we put shoes on our head, shirts on our legs and our pancakes tried to eat us instead of the other way around.

The song is so much fun and so is the idea to flip the script on the daily routine of life. Try switching places with your kids for a spell, having them make dinner (but make it breakfast food!), order you to get your pajamas on and brush your teeth before bed and then, just as in “Opposite Day”, allow your children to spread out in your big bed while you (and your better half) squeeze into the toddler or twin bed in their room.

There is much fun to be had with the Opposite Day idea. Unless school is willing to play along and have 15 minute of educational time surrounded by a whole lot of recess (doubtful!) it probably makes most sense to give this one a try on a weekend, when you are in control of the opposite-ness of the activities. Your kids can read the newspaper while you watch Saturday morning cartoons, they can wash the car while you stay inside finger painting and heck, while we’re at it hand them the rake to gather up those fallen leaves as you enjoy a peaceful nap! Okay, so the kids will probably not go for all (or any) of those shenanigans but taking your family’s usual routine and adding some opposite-ness to it is bound to make everyone a little sillier and tad goofy – which is always a good thing!

Discovering New Music with your Kids

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Listen to “Opposite Day” and be inspired to give it a try!