Organization Is a Process


One of the things I have learned about having an organized home is that it’s a process.  I don’t think you ever really “arrive.”  There are a couple of reasons for this.

The first is that the seasons of our life change.  The way I organized my home before I had children is much different than after I had them.  The way I organized my home when my children were small is much different than now as teens.  And eventually, I will be an empty nester with yet new ways to organize.

The second reason is that we are constantly using things in our home.  So for that reason, we can’t arrive at a state of perfect organization.  This is especially true if others aren’t on board with your organizing plans.

Because of this, we have to learn to be adaptable.  We also have to realize that what worked before might not work now or even in the future.

This doesn’t have to be looked at as a terrible thing but simply a part of the process.  You just learn to go with it.

Too often we get stressed over the fact that we can’t seem to get it all right.  That’s okay, too.  There will be some areas you do a great job with organizing and others that need some work.  Look for inspiration from others, whether it’s a friend, a magazine, a book or a website.

Pat yourself on the back for what you do well.  Give yourself some recognition.  Hey, no one else is likely to do it.  But spread what you know.  It could help someone else who is struggling to stay on top of things.

Sometimes it’s all about perspective.  If you get it in your head that organization is something that just happens and don’t recognize it is actually a process, you will be unnecessarily stressed.

A process is something that is ongoing and takes work.  Once you realize this, it will help you to see organization in a new light.

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