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What if you had a nice friend who took all of the details of your upcoming trip? He or she could give you a customized itinerary that you could share with your friends and family. What about instant weather reports, maps and directions. The best part? You friend would do this all for free.

No, don’t look at me. I tend to be more on the creative side than the organized side. Fortunately, there is a very cool website that can do all of that wonderful trip organizing for you. It is called This personal assistant is ready to help you out, all for free. You simply e-mail your travel plans. Actually, for can just forward your conformation information when it arrives to your e-mail inbox from wherever you booked your trip or arranged for service, such as Alamo car rentals, or AAA. It shouldn’t matter where you booked or where you are going, since TripIt can automatically read e-mail from at least 20 travel websites. A list of the compatible travel websites are available on the TripIt website.

TripIt then builds you a master itinerary that can be printed or shared online. It will even give you a list of restaurants as well.

Detailed calendar feeds can be used, and you can access the information from your mobile device, so there is no need to carry that large folder or envelope around with you everywhere.

The website service works by utilizing existing services, such as Google maps and directions, NOAA weather, SeatGuru for airplane seat information, Wikipedia, Eventful current events, and more. My guess is that the service can be rendered free to users because of all of the traffic and advertising it brings to these existing services.

To learn more about the TripIt service, visit the website at
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