Our Children Are Watching Our Choices

What do we teach our children when we watch television together? What do we teach our children when we eat dinner together? What do we teach our children with the types of food we choose to have in our house or by the way we spend our free time?

It is important to realize that our children scrutinize our every action. They notice what we eat, what we drink, when we exercise and what we value the most. They know how we spend our time and whether or not we study the scriptures on a regular basis. They know the value that we place on prayer and scriptures study. Our children know the strength of our testimonies as they watch us live our lives day to day.

It is important to realize what we are teaching by our examples. Today think about what you are teaching your children about the counsel found in the Word of Wisdom. Are you teaching your children to eat healthy food in moderation? Are you creating an atmosphere that supports healthy levels of activity?

In addition to creating a healthy living environment, it is important to teach your children the reasons behind doing these things. You can have family home evening lessons on the importance of following the Word of Wisdom. You can also have lessons on valuing your body as temple, and treating it as such. It is also important to teach your children the importance of abstaining from drugs and alcohol. This can be taught from both a spiritual and physical perspective.

The best way to teach these principles is through example. Your children really are watching you and will learn from your example. Your choices now will have a lasting impact on them in the future. It is important to take the steps of doing the right thing now and making it a life long habit.

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