Pack a Healthy Lunch

Carrots, celery, and an apple.  That is what my dad has packed in his lunch since I can remember.  Since my mom can remember that has been his standard fair.  He has maintained his weight over the years.  Oatmeal or something like that for breakfast, regular lunch, and whatever he wants for dinner plus dessert.  He is healthy and in good shape.  I am certainly not saying that his choice for lunch should also be your choice.  His choice allowed him the nutrition he needed while not being heavy on meat, sugar or bread, which allowed him the freedom to eat as he wished for dinner.  Many diets are built on such principles.  You need to find what is right for you.  Perhaps more of a balanced approach would be best.  Regardless of what you do, McDonald’s for lunch is not wise.  If at all possible pack your lunch to control your calories and choices.

What to pack in a healthy lunch:

  • vegetables such as carrots, celery, cut up peppers, broccoli
  • fruit such as apples, bananas, or oranges (the trick is to find veggies and fruit that pack well and are low on mess)
  • hummus and pita chips
  • salad
  • sandwiches with whole grain bread, lean meat, low fat cheese, and veggies
  • bottled water;  no sense is wasting calories on drinks and you need to keep up your water intake
  • apples and Nutella
  • natural peanut butter and banana with a touch of honey on wheat bread
  • pitas stuffed with salad or sandwich fixings that include lean meat or tuna
  • bring leftovers from dinner the night before
  • protein shakes

Think in terms of whole foods that pack easily.  You do not need a sandwich every day.  Mix things up with salads, soups, or even pita sandwiches.  You will save money and calories by bringing your own lunch.