Appreciate What You Have

Too often, as a culture and a society, we spend all our time reaching for more, reaching for better, reaching for something and not enough time stopping to appreciate what we have. In a marriage, there are always facets that we are working on whether it’s getting our spouse more involved in the housework or looking for more involvement in some area or another. Sometimes it’s just the struggle to get all the commitments taken care of in order to have some time together – but if we spend all our time looking for more, reaching for more and planning … Continue reading

Declare Your Devotion

I have been talking about intimacy a great deal and how communication and constant checks and rechecks are a part of maintaining your intimacy with your spouse. Another facet of maintaining intimacy is declaring your devotion. Over and over and over again. For example, I kept track one day out of sheer curiosity – my daughter said “I love you” to me 28 times in one day. That’s more than twice per hour when you consider she’s only awake for about 12 hours of the day. She declares her love on a regular and consistent basis. I understand her need … Continue reading

Let’s Keep Passion Alive

What is more valuable to a married couple than any other currency? The emotional and intellectual wisdom of how to keep their intimacy alive decades after they have said I do. Couples need good coping mechanisms to handle the stresses of life without straining their marriage. They need to be able to overcome the periods of disillusionment and yet remain committed to their lives together and provide mutual support as well as maintaining their passion and romance. Couples can do this by incorporating the following four ideas into their daily lives and rituals with regard to their marriage and their … Continue reading