Close to You – Kimiko Kajikawa

Animal parents and their young have unique ways of bonding. In Close to You: How Animals Bond, by Kimiko Kajikawa, beautiful photos of animal parents and babies are paired with charming text. The reader is treated to cuddling polar bears, a kangaroo in its mother’s pouch, an alligator baby being carried in mom’s mouth, caressing manatees, a baby penguin balancing on a parent’s toes, and more. Children love to look at animals, especially baby animals. This would be a sweet book for bedtime stories. The text is simple enough for very young children. I would also recommend it for early … Continue reading

You’re Hard Wired for Baby Love

As it turns out, your brain responds differently to a cute cuddly little baby faces than it does to an adult face. Research that was published this week, took adult participants and used a technique called magnetoencephalography. . .a really fancy word that means using magnetic imaging on your head. (Or something like that.) Then they showed participants pictures of babies, pictures of kids, and pictures of adults, and noted that the area of the brain that responds to babies (even ones you haven’t seen before), was different than the one that responds to adults or even other kids. Simply … Continue reading

Why Dads Everywhere Should Do Bath Time

No. . .I don’t mean stinky dads should take a bath. Although I suppose that is a true statement. But bath time is the ideal bonding time with baby. Maybe I’m biased, because this has always been my husband’s job. However, we have found it to be a great opportunity for dad to get in on the act of bonding. Some of you have posted questions, or send me a PM asking how you can get your husband more involved with the baby. This is my answer: bath time. Skin to Skin Contact Skin to skin contact is essential for … Continue reading

Will You Walk for Babies?

The March of Dimes has recently revamped itself and is now the March for Babies–but the founding principle is the same. Marchers get sponsors to donate money to help for research to improve the quality of life of disabled and premature babies. Most marches are taking place April 27 and now is the time to sign up. Will you march? Prematurity In the United States, prematurity affects approximately 10% of families. I had never contemplated it much until I got pregnant with twins. At 24 weeks, we were told to prepare for birth in as early as 7 weeks. That … Continue reading

The Pets Blog Week in Review for Jul 16-22

Did you notice a skip in coverage of the Pets Blog Week in Review? That’s because last week was my big vacation (I’ll be writing about that more this week) with Murphy and Wayne. Thus I wasn’t around to post last Monday for the week before. But vacation’s over so it’s back to the grindstone. Looks like Aimee covered a lot of interesting topics. (And I even snuck a few in myself.) Here’s what we covered on: Monday, July 16 We swam with kangaroos and author/publisher/pet rescuer Dindy Robinson in Part I of my interview with her. Aimee kicked off … Continue reading

Swimming with Kangaroos and Author/Publisher/Pet Rescuer Dindy Robinson: Part II

In Part I of my interview with Dindy Robinson we talked about her animal rescues. This section is all about her adorable cats… Courtney Mroch: What kind of pets do you have now? Names, ages, breeds, etc? Dindy Robinson: We don’t have any dogs right now –our last dog died in January after thirteen happy years with us. We have seven cats –all rescues. Gollum is a gray male tiger, about 4.5 years old. When we first got him, he nearly died from a stomach virus. He had very smelly, running diarrhea. We had to wrap him in a towel … Continue reading

Swimming with Kangaroos and Author/Publisher/Pet Rescuer Dindy Robinson: Part I

Dindy Robinson runs the Swimming Kangaroo Books publishing company with her husband Bill. Like her name (both her given and her company’s), she is quite the colorful character who also happens to be quite the animal lover. She was kind enough to take time from her busy duties to answer my questions. Following below and in Part II are her answers. Courtney Mroch: How did you come up with the name “Swimming Kangaroo” for your publishing company? (It is very catchy!) Dindy Robinson: It’s from a family joke. We were carrying on a debate with a young man about evolution … Continue reading

Baby Blog Week in Review June 11 to June 16

Hopefully, you’ve been doing a better job at keeping up with your baby blog reading, than I’ve been doing at writing the week in review for the baby blog! In any case, if you’ve missed something, it’s here! Saturday, June 16 Can We Just Leave Breastfeeding Mothers Alone? Every time a breastfeeding mother is ‘caught’ breastfeeding in public and asked to cover up or leave, there is a nurse in. I have already written in the past about how I think nurse ins are generally ineffective but I also believe that managerial staff at many businesses remain unaware of the … Continue reading

Dads, Take Off Your Shirts!

It has long been reported that infants born via c-section do not experience the same bonding as those who were born vaginally. But now a new study has been published that says that daddies should be the primary care giver if the mother is not available. The study followed several infant-father pairs. All of the infants were born via c-section. Some of the dads took off their shirts and the newborn was placed directly on dad’s chest for skin to skin contact. The other set of newborns were placed in cribs. Dad was allowed to sing, and touch the baby … Continue reading

Chimps Don’t Wear Glasses – Laura Joffe Numeroff

A departure from her “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” series, Laura Joffe Numeroff gives us “Chimps Don’t Wear Glasses,” an imaginative look into the animal world and how it relates to us as humans, encouraging the reader to let loose and be creative. I’ve found frequently in my explorations into children’s picture books that the illustrations surpass the text, and that is certainly true in this case. The illustrations are fantastic. We begin with a picture of a chimp rock band, all dressed to the teeth (some looking remarkably like Elton John) and the words, “Chimps don’t wear … Continue reading