A Raincoat for Lally?

My dog Lally hates the rain. When I open the front door and she catches a glimpse of that horrible wet stuff falling from the sky, her demeanor changes immediately. Pre-walk, she’s usually excited and alert. Once she sees or feels those first few drops, her ears go down, her head drops, and she seems to draw herself in — as if to be a smaller target for the rain. Nothing bothers Moose, mind you. Rain, snow, hail… he’s unfazed. But considering how the Pacific Northwest is known for being somewhat rainy, I started thinking that maybe Lally would like … Continue reading

Spouses Behaving Badly

What would you do if your spouse talked and laughed about you behind your back? Or didn’t stick up for you when someone made an unkind remark about them? Or ran to save only him or herself without consideration for your safety when danger loomed? Sadly, my marriage has encountered all of these situations. Behind My Back In our early years, back when we were still dating and not even living together, Wayne had some friends who could be rather lewd and obnoxious. One day when we weren’t getting along very well (which happened more than I care to admit … Continue reading

Happy Howl-oween!

Normally I look forward to Halloween. It’s one of my two most favorite holidays. I’m too old for trick or treating anymore, but it doesn’t stop me from dressing up –myself as well as Wayne and Murphy. (No way would Kitty let me even tie an orange or black bow around his neck! Tabby might though…) Except, this year I wasn’t able to go all out like I usually do with decorations and stuff because we had the house on the market. Still, I did get treats to pass out and even though Wayne won’t be with us, I have … Continue reading

End Of Summer Sale At JB Wholesale

As the four-legged kids get ready to head back to obedience school, this is a great time to stock up on all your favorite treats, toys, and supplies! JB Wholesale Pet Supplies is having a 15% off sale to keep the summer fun alive for a few more weeks. Between now and September 2nd, use the code ENDSUMMR07 at the checkout to get 15% off your total purchase. That doesn’t include shipping, alas, but it’s still a good deal! And if you don’t want to pay shipping (and you happen to live in New Jersey), you can visit one of … Continue reading

Pet First Aid: Foot Pad Burns

A foot pad burn is something you can usually treat at home. How might a pet injure a foot pad? Asphalt roads can reach more than 140 degrees Fahrenheit on the hottest summer days. Walking on fresh tar or asphalt — which can reach over 300 degrees Fahrenheit. A curious dog or cat may burn his feet on a hot stovetop. An inquisitive cat may explore a candle or hot light bulb with a paw. If your pet has burned a foot pad, the first thing you should do is get the injured paw into cold water. And not just … Continue reading