Thanksgiving Picture Cake

This photo project is a variation on a creation one of our playgroup moms made for her son’s birthday. The original project called for a cake to be decorated as a football field. The “players,” which top the cake, are made from photographs taken at the party. I tweaked the theme a bit and plan to bring this turkey inspired cake to our playgroup’s pre-Thanksgiving Day party next Tuesday. Here’s what you’ll need: · Sheet cake (you can bake one or by a standard sized one from your local supermarket or bakery) · Brown construction paper · Photos of each … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Weekend Getaway Deals for Families with Children

I’ve dedicated an entire series of blogs to alternative Thanksgiving destinations. In this blog I am focusing on families who are trying to make the most of their children’s Thanksgiving break from school. Once you’ve stuffed yourselves with protein and pie you might consider making post-Turkey Day memories at a resort or theme park. Lucky for you it’s not too late to find an affordable Thanksgiving travel deal. The following packages cater to families with children by offering kid-friendly activities and amenities. For a weekend of family fun check out the following: MINNESOTA If you have children between the ages … Continue reading

Handmade Touches for the Thanksgiving Table

Do you like to sew or otherwise make decorative elements for your home? While some people may do things like this year round, others may be more inclined to do so during the holiday season. Maybe, you have never tried to make your own decorations but if that’s the case, don’t let it stop you. One way to practice your skills is to make beautiful accents for your holiday table. Tablecloths are simple and can be made from most any large piece of fabric, by simply cutting to size and hemming the edges. Place mats and table runners can be … Continue reading

Making Christmas Ornaments From Your Favorite Photographs

I know, I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet and I’m blogging about Christmas ornaments. Well, when you have family living 5,000 miles away and you need to ship holiday gifts–but can’t spend a ton of money sending them express or priority mail–you tend to get a jump start on Christmas projects. That’s my situation anyway. Take a look at one of the simple and affordable ornaments I’m working on to give as gifts this holiday season. The project gives you an additional way to show off your favorite photos and it’s a wonderful way to personalize a loved one’s … Continue reading

Seasonal Travel: Spending Thanksgiving in New Mexico

My parents met and married in Albuquerque, New Mexico and subsequently spent a number of Thanksgivings in the land of hot air balloons and roasted chilies. They now live in the land of pineapples and big surf. Hawaii is a popular holiday destination, but you’d be surprised at how many visitors descend on New Mexico during the long Thanksgiving weekend. Many hotels and resorts in the area are offering Thanksgiving packages, which include elaborate turkey spreads, but it is New Mexico, so don’t be surprised if your meal features a Southwestern accent. Common holiday dishes such as green chili and … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Fitness: Consider Making Mom Your Workout Partner

I know, it may sound crazy and a few years ago, I wouldn’t have been espousing this particular suggestion. For years, my mother and I were not particularly close. My grandmother had been a fundamentally strong influence in my life and in many ways, she was every bit as much a mother to me. But over the last few years since my grandmother passed away, my mother and I have grown closer. I think my daughter’s existence has contributed to this stronger relationship. Mom as a Workout Partner Anyway, as I was saying before I took off on my verbal … Continue reading


Depending on what time zone you live in, you’re either taking a quick break before serving your Thanksgiving feast or you just feasted and are taking a break! Regardless, of the reason you are reading this Blog–chances are leftovers will be some part of your life for the next 24 hours or longer. Even, if you didn’t make the meal, chances are someone who cares about you–will send you home with those nice little packages of Thanksgiving dinner treats. Face it–leftover Thanksgiving is one of the number one best things about starting the holiday season! The important thing is to … Continue reading

Turkey Preparation Trepidation

You don’t know how challenging it is to cook a Thanksgiving feast until you attempt to do it all by yourself… without a double oven… or Chinese take-out. How did my mom pull it off year after year? Turkey Day is just a few hours away and if you haven’t already formulated your game plan for the all-you-can-eat holiday buffet taking place on your dining room table, then I wish you luck. Goodness knows I am going to need it. This year, I decided to make like my mom and spearhead our Thanksgiving Day dinner. And by dinner I don’t … Continue reading

Lending a Helping Hand

“Charity begins at home.” If I had a dime for each time my parents used that expression while I was growing up, I’d be rich enough to start my own charity. Its repetition was annoying, but effective nonetheless. My brothers and I learned the value of loyalty, and the importance of taking care of the people close to you. Now that I’m a parent, I try to provide opportunities for my child to lend a hand at home, so that when it comes time to help others outside our inner sanctum, she jumps at the chance without giving it a … Continue reading

Sports And Family Bonds

With the Super Bowl just a couple of weeks away, now is a good time to think about sports and how they relate to family history. Whether you have athletes in the family, sports fans, or both, it is very likely that at least some family members have an interest in sports. If you think about your relatives and what sports they like to play or watch, you may see some similarities between family members. You might also see some major differences of opinion, which can make for memorable family events if there is a game on television featuring the … Continue reading