Health Advice I’m Glad I Took

I’ve been writing the Health Blog for about two and a half years now. With every piece I write, I learn something new — about myself, about the history or future of medicine, and more. But there are some bits and pieces that have really stuck with me. Probably the best advice I’ve ever gotten from a doctor — and one I’ve given out repeatedly here in the Health Blog is the sinus rinse. Whenever I feel a sinus infection coming on, I break out my sinus rinse kit and shoot warm salt water up my nose. It’s definitely … Continue reading

Ski Getaways for the Entire Family

If you live anywhere in the northern portion of the United States then you are likely waiting for Old Man Winter to take a hike. However, given the number of ski deals still available for the months of March and April there are at least a few families who can’t get enough of (or are planning to experience for the first time) the thrills associated with shooshing down the slopes. Take a look: VERMONT The “Popcorn and Powder” package is ideal for families with young children or those who don’t have much experience on skis. For $305 per room per … Continue reading

Soothing Dry Eyes

Dry eye syndrome (also known as DES) is surprisingly common; it is one of the top reasons Americans visit the eye doctor! Symptoms of dry eye syndrome include: Stinging red eyes Blurry vision Sensitivity to light If you suffer from dry eye syndrome, your eyes aren’t producing enough tears to keep your eyes lubricated. Over the counter eye drops (also called artificial tears) can help bring relief, but it can be a pain to always be reaching for the eye drops! Your eye doctor may also provide a topical steroid eye drop or cream that can help your eyes retain … Continue reading

What Does Exhaustion Do to You?

This is a totally subjective question. What does exhaustion do to you? Here’s what it does to me: Exhaustion makes me cranky. I tend to get very short tempered with people when I’m over-tired. Things come out much more sharply than I intend. I am brisk with friends and family. Exhaustion makes me clumsy. Yesterday, I dropped a full pitcher of iced tea (that I had just made) in the sink. No more iced tea! I’ve also made the mistake of taking a glass class — making pendants on a torch — when I was over-tired. I ended up dropping … Continue reading

Fibromyalgia: Overview

Fibromyalgia means “pain of the muscles and other fibrous tissue”. It is a chronic disorder of the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other soft tissue. Many people who suffer from fibromyalgia compare it to a persistent flu; the main symptoms are pain, fatigue, sleep disturbances, and tender points around the body. The symptoms can increase in severity at different times of the day, during weather changes, and during different activities. Other names for fibromyalgia include: fibromyositis, fibrositis, muscular rheumatism, chronic muscle pain syndrome, and musculoskeletal pain syndrome. Terms that end in -it is (indication inflammation) are inaccurate, as inflammation does not … Continue reading

Your Toddler and the New Baby

Many of you already may know that my children are all two years apart. They are almost exactly two years apart and so for four babies now, I’ve had a reigning two year old with a newborn (or two). Recently, there have been several family members in the forums who have asked about toddler behavior and the new baby and so I thought I would summarize some thoughts in a blog. If you want to discuss specific problems, please feel free to visit this thread to get support from other mommies. That Whole Terrible Two Thing I have written quite … Continue reading

Tip of the Day- Go to Bed on Time

I’m a big fan of sleep. I like nap time and I’m slow to get out of bed in the morning. I’m a growing girl who needs her sleep and I’m a grouch when I don’t get it. Unfortunately, not everyone in my life is such a big fan. Neither is our society. There is something about our culture that says if you’re not running yourself ragged you’re not measuring up. Our lives are full and over-whelming and it’s easy, and sometimes necessary, to steal resting hours from our bodies. The average person really does need 7-8 hours of sleep … Continue reading

Romance is born during Stressful Times

You’ve heard of romance flowering between couples during times of extreme stress? The couple that met when during the war – they found something magical and beautiful despite the horror? It’s a terribly romantic concept that devastating times are what bring two people together. However, during times of devastation – it is our connections to others that help us through – it needs those connections that encourage us to keep reaching out. So if this is true, why then does stress that can bring our need for connections with others so clearly causes us to pull away as well? Simply … Continue reading