Part of a Team

Continuing on with my theme from last week’s blog about an apt illustration, here are some more lessons that apply to footy as well as to the Christian life.

Most important for any football team is that they listen to the coach and listen to their captain. You see them before the game, at the quarter time and three quarter time huddles and at half time listening intently to the coach and captain. No-one interrupts or tries to talk over them. They listen. Every eye is fixed on the one speaking, so they do not miss anything. We need to be like that in our Christian life. We need to get into a huddle with our captain/coach, Jesus, and instead of being the one doing all the talking we need to listen intently to what He has to say to us.

Another thing that stuck me is how important the crowd can be. I’m not going to call them spectators because they are not. They are part of the team. As the opposition drew closer you could hear the roar from the crowd, willing their own team on. Many footballers have commented how the support of the crowd spurs them on to give more and to courageous and committed acts on the field. As Christians we have our own crowd of supporters – fellow believers who will pray for and with us, who encourage us and who, when we are weak, help lift us to keep going through their practical, prayerful support.

Football is a team sport. It’s not played as a group of individuals each doing their own thing. Footy players stick to the game plan and they play for the team. Christians are part of a team too. We are members of God’s team. We need to make sure we stick to the game plan as set out in God’s Word and that we remember we are part of a team, not individuals doing their own thing. That’s why we were given different gifts so we can work together. What are you doing with the gifts you have been given? How are you using them to build up your church, to strengthen and encourage God’s team?

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