Patience In All Things

Perhaps this might be a blog post for our pregnancy blog, but I feel it is appropriate here too. I am very pregnant awaiting our third child. This has been a difficult pregnancy for me. I was extremely sick in the first trimester, more so than with my other two pregnancies. And, I’ve been extremely swollen this time around. In the past, I delivered a few days earlier than my due date, and this time around, I had my heart set on that. Well, here it is, 2 days away from my due date and no baby yet. With one of my kids I had the baby 5 days early, and with the other one, a whole week early. So, to go this far, I found myself becoming more and more uncomfortable and disappointed.

I went to church last Sunday when I had told everyone I probably wouldn’t be there because I was going to have the baby early. I had a few people say to me, “You’re still here huh?” and, “No baby yet?”. That only made me feel more frustrated. However, I also feel like the Lord put people in my path that had encouraging words for me as well. Waiting for this last baby of mine to be born has been a lesson in patience. I wanted so badly to already have my baby in my arms, but instead, I’m still waiting.

A friend from church shared a story with me that helped change my perspective a little and helped me stop feeling so sorry for myself. She said that a relative of hers was overdue with her first child. She was tired, uncomfortable, anxious, and just ready to have the baby! So much so that she decided to ask for a blessing of comfort. In that blessing from her father, he got quiet for a few moments and then said, “Try to be patient. This spirit coming into your home is having a hard time saying good-bye to people that he loves on the other side.”

I had never thought of that before. My anxiety about wanting my new little baby here might be small in comparison to his anxiety to leave all those people that he loves. Many of those people are people I know too. I’m sure they are taking good care of him, and nurturing him, and teaching him things. So, it humbled me a little to think that maybe I needed to just try and be a little more patient with this new spirit coming into my home, and give him a chance to say good-bye.

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