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I am always so curious for a glimpse into the lives of others. The domestic every day life of my fellow humans tends to fascinate me. I suppose that is why I read so many blogs, especially the frugal ones, of course. Sometimes I get great tips on things that I can do around my house or with my family. Other times I just have an appreciation for other ways of living.

So, I thought I would share some of the things we will do today, from a frugal standpoint. This may give you a good idea of some of the frugal practices that we put in place for our daily living.

Last night, I prepared a double batch of the dry mix part of chocolate chip muffins. This way, I knew that I could quickly prepare a treat for breakfast that was inexpensive. And my husband could take a “loaf” of the chocolate chip muffins to work, eliminating the need to buy breakfast or snacks. As I was mixing last night, Tom came in with a cheeky grin on his face and asked, “What’s this?” So I wound up just making the whole batch of muffins from start to finish, and the muffins became a last-night snack as well.

This morning, I’ve already thrown a load of laundry into the washer (using cold water and about half of the recommended detergent) and swept up the dining room (saves on using the vacuum). I still have the dishes to do. Our dishwasher saves more water than hand washing would. Later, I’ll grab some socks to darn. I’ll try to get this done while supervising the little kids in the bath. This saves on buying new ones (socks, not kids).

We may have a play date here today before lunch. This is a frugal way to get some socialization and visiting in without spending money on a kids activity place. And my kids like showing off their toys. If the play date doesn’t pan out, we will head outside to look for pine cones. I think it takes longer to bundle them up than it does playing outside. Tomorrow morning, we can turn the pine cones into frugal bird feeders using peanut butter and seed. No, I’m not Martha Stewart by a long shot, but the pine cones will provide a frugal educational activity.

That is pretty much all I can fit in during the morning, including the usual trips to the potty, diaper changes, nursing, serving snacks, etc.

What is your morning like?

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