Perks of Public Education: K = Kids

My perk today is actually a requirement for teaching public education. The letter K for me stands for kids. I have had much trouble using this term. It has always seemed more proper for me to call them children. To me, the term ‘kids’ refers to baby goats! However, I have already used the letter C and I feel that addressing this topic is too important to pass (even if it means calling them kids!)

Teachers must enjoy and love kids. They must be passionate, caring, and considerate of the needs and feelings of all kids. Teachers must be able to treat each and every child equally and fairly without bias interruption.

My perception on children (I just can not keep the ‘kids’ thing up!) changed greatly when I became a mom. It is much easier for me to now see a parent’s side. I also stop now and think before acting, “how would I want someone to treat my child in this situation?” Yes, there are times when I would want my children punished by the teacher for the behavior. However, there have also been times that I have changed my attitude after the thought of my own children came to mind.

While a teacher must love kids, a teacher must also be able to separate herself from the children. As a teacher, you will come across many sad situations. You must learn to put this aside and do your job- teaching. My first year of teaching, I attempted to buy every child in need items that were sold at school and furnish snacks and such. I soon found myself spending more on my class than my own family. While I still do what I can to help the children, I have to put my help into perspective. After all, I am giving the child love and education. These are two of the most valuable things I can give.


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