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Picnic in the Park Part II

While enjoying our picnic in the park at the playground, two little girls probably six or seven years old took it upon themselves to help my son play. I watched as they held his hands to help him up and down and over to the different playground features. One would stand at the bottom of the slide while the other went down the slide with my son. I might have been concerned that these two older girls had attached themselves to my son but they seemed genuinely interested in helping him play; like little mothers. It was actually endearing. They were not trying to boss him around or tell him what to do, they just wanted to help him as much as they could. At one point my son got caught on the climbing netting and they were too small themselves to pull him out. I came over to free him and one of the girls told me that my son was really cute. A little later they were helping play on a seesaw like contraption and they said to some of the other kids, “let the baby play too.” While I have not thought of my son as a “baby” for quite some time, to these little girls my son is a baby. Keeping my eye on my son among the large group of kids, we (the two moms) continued our conversation talking about birthdays and kid related stuff. The actual babies, the girls, were also enjoying their time at the park on the picnic blanket. They were both sitting up (a feat my daughter had just managed) next to each other having their own little conversation. A few of the older kids came over to coo at them and comment on their (the babies) cuteness! Soon the day camp kids had to go. As they lined up, our little guys waved goodbye after giving their two new friends hugs and high fives.