Plan Ahead for Sun and Fun

lakeIt seems like just a week or so ago we were still waiting to go outside until after lunch and wearing sweatshirts every day. However, for the past couple of days, it has actually felt more like summer than spring. After a winter that seemed to last forever, I’m not about to complain. Summer is so much fun, but for those of us with home – based businesses there is a bit of advance planning that must be done in order to ensure that everyone (including yourself) can enjoy it. With all of the family vacations and other fun things that you want to do within the next couple of months, it may be easy to get distracted from your work. However, if deadlines get missed or work piles up, your summer could become a huge bummer.

By planning ahead for work and play, you can set yourself up for a successful summer with your home based business and with your friends and family. You can begin by marking your planner or calendar with any events that you are aware of, like vacations, family gatherings, parties and anything else that you already know about. Keep in mind that once summer begins, you may be inundated with last minute invitations to other events. While it is okay to be spontaneous sometimes, it is also okay to say no to some of those invites. If attending an event will cut into time that you need for work, sleep, and other important things, you may wish to decline. Strive a schedule of work and play that keeps your well being and the well being of your family a top priority.

Also, write down all of your work – related assignments and tasks that you are aware of right now. Schedule time into your planner or calendar to complete them, and include some “wiggle room” in case things take longer than expected. Update your calendar or planner whenever you get new information about work projects or family events so that you are always in the know. With a little advance planning, you and your family can have a fun – filled summer while your home – based business doesn’t skip a beat.

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