Planning a Limo Party

Very often when adults plan birthday parties for their children, and when children make wishes about where they want to go, they seldom think of how to get there. Why not make a limousine ride part, or all of the birthday party?

Everybody enjoys riding in limousines, but speaking as a former limousine driver, I know from experience that nobody loves them more than kids. I’ve driven groups of kids from middle to low income families around who feel like they’re millionaires when they ride around. For most kids, this will be their first opportunity to ride in a limo.

The first step in planning a limo party is to determine the number of kids you want in the limousine, and how long you want the party to be. These are the two factors that determine the cost of the car. The more people you invite and the longer you ride, the greater the cost. Also, a specialty car, such as a Hummer or an SUV will cost more than a regular stretch sedan.

Another important step in planning is to determine a destination, if any. A two hour ride can be a bit much, even in a limo, so it’s a good idea to find someplace to go to break the ride up. Kids really enjoy pulling up to a McDonald’s or Burger King in a limousine, especially if their friends see them getting in and out.

Once you’ve figured all this out, it’s time to find a limousine company. In most places, you can probably get a six passenger limo for two hours for less than $150, including a tip for a driver. Prices can vary widely among companies, so if you live in a large metropolitan area, it will be well worth your while to comparison shop. Don’t be afraid to play one company against another when going for the best price. Winter time is often very slow, and many limousine companies, especially in the Northeast cut their prices drastically during the winter season.

There are a few important things to pack. If your car is equipped with a VCR or DVD player, bring a few favorites. All limos today have CD players, so at least pack a few favorite CD’s for the guest of honor. Bring drinks with reclosable tops and munchies that won’t easily end
up all over the car.

A limo ride adds a lot of fancy fun to any occasion, and it might be a more affordable option for a birthday party or other celebration.