Playtime with a New Best Friend {Gotz Dolls}


A Girl and Her Doll

A girl and her doll quickly become best friends.  I have no use for dolls that sit on a shelf or dolls that can’t keep up with an active child.  A girl’s doll is a time capsule of her childhood.  Years later she should be able to share her doll with her own children.  I remember how special it felt when I had the opportunity to play with my mom’s childhood dolls.  Except my mom’s dolls were in no shape to see a second childhood.    In a world where everything is consumable sentimentality is lost and the sweetness of little girls playing with a long time companion lasts only a short season.  For this reason, I am thankful for Gotz Dolls.  Gotz dolls are well-crafted and will stand the test of time seeing your little girl well through her childhood and beyond.


Maxy Aquini before a bubbly little girl decided to introduce her to a bath and a date at the “hair salon”.

Gotz is a German company who now sells their precious dolls in the USA.  The company is known for high quality, durable, and adorable dolls, that can hold up to playtime.  Recently, I introduced you to Gotz and I invite you to go back read how impressed I was with the quality.


When the Maxy Aquini doll arrived, my excitement could not be contained.  I just knew my little girl would flip.  What I did not expect was the reaction of my 7 year old who could not wait to give the doll a bath.  Maxy Aquini, who stands 16.5″ tall, is made from vinyl so bathtime is just one way she has fun.  Too excited to wait until their own bath time, the girls decided to bathe her that minute.  The vinyl body held up to scrubbing and a long bath without wrinkled skin or complaining she was too cold.  Her hair withstood about 20 washes in a single bath.  After a nice bath and two giggling girls, Maxy Aquini, finally got her very own name;  Sara.

Sara’s next big adventure took her to the “hair salon”.  maxy3

Let’s just say I am glad it wasn’t my head subjected to the hair styling talent of that sister duo.  Yes, Sara has earned family status for being put through a long afternoon of playing hair salon.  First of all, her hair is beautiful.  Moreover, it can take a thorough brushing.  Sara’s hair can be braided, curled with a curling iron on low, blown dry on low, and styled.  As a mom of three girls who all had many dolls, I can highly recommend this doll for her durability.  After all the styles and styling tools, Sara’s hair still looked amazing.  No fuzzing, mussing, loss, shredding, or melting.  The quality is unmatched.  From every strand of hair to her well crafted hands and feet  this doll shows off detail that says she was made with love.

After a long afternoon of bathing and visiting the “hair salon”, Sara was ready to rest her cute little vinyl body.  She put up her adorable toes and sat next to her new best friend.  Later, she was taken for a stroller ride, a bike ride, and back in the bath with my little girl and finally it was lights out.  I think Sara was happy the day was finally over.  If she only knew that this was only the beginning.  Good thing she is made from strong materials and crafted with care.  My little girl spoke of big plans for her and Sara.  From my view;  let’s just say this isn’t one of those toys that ends up in the garage sale.

When you get tired of dolls that sit on a shelf or that fall apart at the first sign of childhood play, check out Gotz.  A best friend should be crafted with care and cared for by a special little girl for years to come.