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Plenty of After Christmas Sales Today

Get out those gift cards and the Christmas money you got as a gift. The stores are ready to offer you plenty of after Christmas sales starting today.

The strategy for this year for many families is to go out shopping today, the day after Christmas to pick up those gifts that they really wanted at bargain prices. Because they know that many people are heading to work today, the stores will be trying to do everything they can to get people to take an extra day off and go shopping. They want to get that last bit of sales before the new year, and December 26th is typically one of the top five shopping days of the year.

Expect the stores to open early and stay open late with door buster deals. Some of the stores with major promotions include Macy’s (especially on home goods and apparel), Toys R Us and Best Buy.

There will be sales and clearance items related to Christmas and Christmas gifts, of course, but stores may also have early sales on spring items in an effort to get a jump on the next season.

If you are heading out to shop today, here are a few tips to keep in mind, so you can get the very best deals.

Don’t be fooled by those “Up to” sale signs. Make sure you know exactly how much an item is discounted before you ring it up at the cashier.

Check merchandise carefully. You want to make sure that there are no rips, stains, loose buttons or missing pieces. The after Christmas items may have seen a lot of traffic, so if they are still on the rack, there may be a reason other than price.

Stick to a budget. It is easy to go a little crazy when you see so many after Christmas deals. Know how much you want to spend before you head out to the stores.

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