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Pop Culture Round Up – January 31, 2011

We have almost made it through the first month of the year and so how much has happened. Charlie Sheen is in rehab, but David Arquette just came out, of rehab that is. And Lindsay Lohan – where is she? As it stands right now, Lindsay is both out of rehab and jail for right now. However, she has another court hearing on February 25th, so anything can happen. But, you may be glad to know that TMZ is reporting that Lindsay is glad Charlie has gone to rehab because she is worried about him. Worried about him? Wow, what a crazy train those two would make if they hooked up.

While Lohan is out of jail, Vince Neil appears to be ready to enter it. The Motley Crue frontman was found guilty of DUI last summer and is ready to enter the Clark County Detention Center on February 15 to serve 15 days. Looks like Neil didn’t learn much after being charged with vehicular manslaughter in 1984. Neil was driving under the influence when he crashed, which killed his passenger and friend, Hanoi Rocks drummer Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley.

What else, what else? The divorce between Eva Longoria and Tony Parker became final last Friday. Niecy Nash announced that she will get married – on television. TLC is going to air a two-hour special featuring the late-May wedding. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban seemed to produce a baby out of thin air (okay, it was via “gestational carrier”) and Penelope Cruz finally popped as she and hubby Javier Bardem welcomed their baby boy. Oh yeah, and Kate Hudson is pregnant with her second child.

Actress Jaime Pressly is in more trouble. She filed for divorce from her hubby of 16 months, Simran Singh. Now, her ex, Eric Cubiche, says he may seek custody of their 3 year old son Dezi. Cubiche is reportedly concerned over Pressly’s behavior of late, including an arrest on suspicion of DUI and tax problems with the IRS (she reportedly owes them $600,000).

Finally, I did a blog on last night’s SAG awards and am ashamed to say I didn’t notice a glaring error. During the montage to actors who have died within the past year, they left one name out – Corey Haim. AOL’s Pop Eater said it had contacted SAG about the snub (Haim starred in such ‘80s classics as Lucas and The Lost Boys), but they haven’t gotten a response.

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