Potential Problems of a Home-Based Business

As we are nearing the end of 2011, you might be thinking about ways to increase your home-based business or start one up. While there are many, many positive reasons to work from home, there are also potential problems that have to be realized.

You may end up using this blog as a defense weapon as well, the next time someone tells you how “easy” you have it being able to work at home. No matter what your business is (inside or outside the home), there are always good and bad parts to it.

One of the biggest problems you might have is being able to separate your business from your family. When you walk out the door to go to work, you can easily put yourself into “work mode.” But when your family is hanging around, that can become difficult.

While spending more time with family is often one of the main reasons for deciding to work at home, it can also become a real problem. I have found this to be true, even though I have teenagers. Establishing rules from the very beginning with your family can be helpful.

Another problem with working from home is battling the many distractions. They come in a variety of forms—the television, Facebook, dishes, laundry—with each one having the ability to pull you away. I find this to be mostly true when it comes to housework. I think to myself, “I will just quick do this and this” but before you know it, I am spending more time cleaning than working.

Privacy and space can be another problem when you decide to work from home. If your business requires quiet, you will need to find a space in your home that will adequately meet your needs. You can’t have a television blaring in the background or the dog barking.

Isolation can be another problem. If you enjoy being around people, you might find working from home to be kind of lonely. In most cases you won’t have co-workers but you may get the benefit of interacting with clients, depending on your business. It can feel good to not have a boss hovering over you, yet it can also leave you feeling isolated.

I think in the almost 2 years I have been working for a company based out of Florida (I live in Wisconsin), I have talked to my editor just twice on the phone. Other than that, all of our contact is through email.

I personally know of many more positives than negatives when it comes to a home-based business but at the same time, anyone looking to start one up or expand should also consider the potential problems.

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