UK Approves Three-Person IVF Techniques

Couples who are having difficulty conceiving have the option of turning to in vitro fertilization (IVF). The process allows that couple to pass their own genetic material onto an offspring that is biologically theirs. The UK recently approved a new kind of IVF that has been referred to as “three-parent babies”. The two techniques are somewhat different but each can be used to help couples produce a healthy child. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a complex procedure that combines an egg and sperm outside of the body. The conception happens in a laboratory. Once an embryo (or embryos as is … Continue reading

Pregnancy Number Two

It became clear that our 18 month old needed a sibling. We had reached the point that we felt it was a good time to start trying for another baby. Largely, motivated by our son who loves “babies” and joyfully points out any baby he sees, it seemed that our son was also ready for a new baby especially since he has been practicing being a “good big brother” with a baby doll I recently found in a closet. He also had the opportunity to hold the 2 week old baby girl of a colleague and friend. He was completely … Continue reading

The Woes of Nonconception

We were ready! I had done my research! I had read countless books, starting taking Folic Acid, found a prenatal workout, began to improve my diet, interviewed midwives, and even bought my first maternity shirt. We had decided five months earlier that we would start trying in four or five months. It was time! If we could get pregnant within the next three months we would have our baby in March, April, or May, which would give us time with our baby before the new school year. God had other plans! It never occurred to me that we would have … Continue reading

Testing, Testing 123

When I decided to get pregnant the second time around, I was so excited. With my first pregnancy, it took 4 months before we got pregnant, but the second time, it took one shot. Yes, one!! We are very fortunate to not have had any issues with trying to conceive up to this point in our lives. So many of our friends and family do, so we do not take it for granted. But, I have a little problem. I’m obsessed with taking pregnancy tests! I have always been very regular with my periods. Before the birth of my second, … Continue reading

Get Your Body Ready

If you are trying to conceive, then you are probably wondering what, if anything can you do to optimize your chances of having a happy, healthy, safe pregnancy. Getting your body ready is a great start. I never realized how much pregnancy and childbirth truly does change a woman’s body until I had two kids. Now, I know that it affects the woman’s body both during pregnancy and after. Unfortunately, some negative changes are permanent, but getting your body in the best shape possible before pregnancy is the best way to bounce back after the baby arrives. Here are a … Continue reading

Statistics for Getting Pregnant

I was watching a local talk/news show this morning, and was interested in their story, “Why Can’t I Get Pregnant?” . I was surprised by some of the statistics quoted. Some women out there that have problems with infertility may already know these stats, but as a Mom without that problem I had never heard them. I’m more interested in them now because I’m a little older. I want to know my odds of getting pregnant again if I decide to have my third. Women often get frustrated with not getting pregnant right away. But, according to the local OBGYN … Continue reading

Lose Weight Before Getting Pregnant?

If you know that you are going to be trying to have a baby soon, it sounds crazy to think of trying to lose weight first. What’s the point right? However, I did that with both of my kids. I lost about 20 lbs. before getting pregnant with both of them because I wanted to be at my healthiest when trying to conceive. Does your weight make a difference? Trying to conceive when you are overweight can be more difficult. But, not always. Many women who are overweight experience hormone problems that result in irregular ovulation cycles. This can lead … Continue reading

What Happened to My Patience?

I am so frustrated tonight. It has been about eight months since we started trying to get pregnant with our second child and I received definite confirmation this morning that we were unsuccessful yet again. Isn’t it so hard to wait for pregnancy? I was so fortunate with my first in that it only took us two months. I have some friends who tried for years to get pregnant. What I have learned though, that it is hard to wait when you’ve been trying for two months or twenty four. When you decide you want to have a baby (or … Continue reading

Understanding Cervical Mucus

Cervical mucus is a very important component of conception. Without it, sperm has no chance of ever reaching the egg. Cervical mucus aids conception by protecting the sperm from your body’s acidic environment and providing easy transportation to the egg. There is nothing quite like it; it can’t be replaced with artificial lubricants. Cervical mucus changes throughout your cycle. As you approach ovulation, it becomes thick and white. You may notice globs of it on the toilet paper after you wipe or you may find it in your underwear as you approach ovulation. If you are trying to conceive and … Continue reading

When Will You Ovulate Again?

When you first start getting your period again after having a baby, or when you’re just getting off birth control, the big question that lays heavily on your mind is when you will start ovulating again. You may not realize, but you can get your period without ovulating. A period is not a sure sign that ovulation is happening. (Now, if you are ovulating, you must get your period unless you conceive.) For me, the answer to this question has been a big mystery. For one, it took “forever” for my cycles to come back. My son was 18 months … Continue reading