5 Tips for Staying Safe this Summer

Summer vacation is in full force. The kids are out of school and many families spend time outdoors enjoying themselves. While you and your family are out and about, make sure you are following these summer safety tips. Summer Safety Tips Prevent Playground Injuries The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that emergency departments in the United States treat more than 200,000 children ages 14 and younger for playground-related injuries. Check to make sure the surfaces under the playground equipment are safe, soft, and well-maintained. Before letting your child run and play, take a minute to make sure the … Continue reading

Winter Safety Tips

Winter weather can be very serious. Several parts of the United States regularly experience freezing temperatures and large amounts of snow every winter. This kind of weather may look pretty in photos, but it can be dangerous to have to live in and deal with. Here are some winter safety tips that can help keep you, and your family, safe this winter. Snow Removal Safety The National Safety Council (NSC) has some safety tips regarding snow removal. They advise that people who are over the age of 40, and who are relatively inactive, should be especially careful when shoveling snow. … Continue reading

What to do When Other People’s Kids are in Danger

Most parents are very careful and cautious with their children. They put in a great deal of effort to keep their children out of dangerous situations. Sometimes though, things happen and a child could wind up in a situation that is not at all good. What can you do when you see that a child, who is not yours, is unsafe? Here are some suggestions about what to do. What to do if You Think a Child is in Danger A Child Has Been Left in a Car There are a lot of parents who will tell you that they … Continue reading

How Does the Government Shutdown Affect Me?

How have you been affected by the government shutdown that took place on October 1, 2013? Read on to find out what the shutdown means to you and your family. Why Did the Shutdown Occur Lawmakers are at an impasse on a bill to finance the government. As a result, only functions that are deemed essential will operate, while all others will be shutdown, and workers in those areas furloughed or experience a delay in pay. Ironically, the shutdown may wind up costing taxpayers money down the road, since the process to initiate a shutdown does not come cheap. Mail … Continue reading

When You Are Prepared, You Don’t Panic

On Tuesday evening there was a loud pop and a few sparks at the end of our driveway. At the same time, our power went out in the house. It looks like the temperamental transformer blew, and it left five homes, including ours, in the dark. Although this was very inconvenient, we didn’t have to panic. We had a cell phone, which we used to call the power company, plenty of bottled water in case we got thirsty (without power, we lose function of the well pump), additional water to flush toilets, lots of snacks and easy to eat food … Continue reading

June is the Start of Hurricane Season

June is the start of the hurricane season, so it is a good idea to make sure that your home and your family are prepared. Making sure that you are safe no matter what nature has in store will give you a good peace of mind. If you prepare now, you’ll be in better shape before a hurricane is predicted in your area, which means you won’t have to run to the store at the last minute and fight for the last case of water or pack of batteries. Being prepared for hurricane season starts with creating an emergency kit. … Continue reading

Avoiding Heat Related Illness

In some parts of the country, heat waves can come on suddenly. The fact that our bodies have not yet become acclimated to the higher temperatures means that sudden heat waves in the spring and early summer can pose an even higher risk than normal of death or serious illness. This is especially true when the heat wave also comes with high humidity. We are experiencing such a heat wave right now here in Pennsylvania. The temperatures are up in the 90s, and the humidity is so high, it seems as thought you could be able to ring out a … Continue reading

The Basic Pantry List

What should you have in your pantry to be prepared? Having a number of basic items in your pantry can mean the difference between eating and not eating in the event that a disaster or hard time strike your family. These basic items can be combined into many different meals, so you should always have them on hand. Here are just some reasons why having an emergency pantry could come in handy. If you lose your employment and have to make do on a limited or absent income If there is a disruption in the supply chain that makes getting … Continue reading

What is a Bug Out Bag?

Do you have a bug out bag? Do you even know what that is? Bug out bags are gaining in popularity these days. Find out if it makes sense for you to have one. A bug out bag is a portable bag that contains all of the items that you would need to survive for 72 hours in the event that you need to evacuate from a disaster, such as the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, when so many were stranded without food, water or medical care. “Bugging Out” is the practice of taking your bug out bag and going to … Continue reading

How to be Prepared for a Grocery Shopping Trip

Sometimes you know when you are going to go grocery shopping and other times you just have to grab a few things on the way home. Either way, it helps to be prepared. If you are prepared for your grocery shopping trip, you will save money, save time and have all of the groceries that you need to make your meals and snacks for the week. Keep These Items with You Have a bag stored in the car with a couple of items to make it easy to do your grocery shopping. Carry your coupons everywhere you go. You never … Continue reading