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Preparedness and Finances

One important aspect of preparing yourself and your family is financial preparedness. The church urges us to avoid debt, and to get out of debt as quickly as possible. It also teaches us to take financial responsibility for ourselves by saving money for emergencies and planning for retirement.

If you have a lot of debt, it is important to focus on getting out of debt as much as you can. You can limit your discretionary spending and begin to budget to do this. If you need help setting up your budget or learning how to manage your money, you can find an online course offered by the church at providentliving.org. This is a great resource to help you out. You can also find financial calculators that will help you to plan how to use your money most effectively.

As you focus on getting financially prepared for emergencies, you should not neglect getting your food storage ready as well. Your food storage can be used to help supplement any savings that you have during difficult times. You should have your emergency kit and water supplies as well. The current counsel is to prepare three months of food storage. This should consist of the foods your regularly eat, and then you can focus on your year’s supply of food.

Take time to spiritually prepare yourself for any difficult times that you may face as well. A strong testimony can help you through difficult times. It is important to realize the important role that the gospel plays in your life and to work on strengthening your testimony on a regular basis. Take time to strengthen your family as well. The little things such as family prayer, family scripture study and family home evening can make a big difference.

Additionally you should take time to prepare your family for emergency situations in your home and immediate area. The past few weeks have shown that natural disasters can strike anywhere without much warning. It is important that your children know to how to respond during these situations.

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