Prepare Your Calendar for Summer Vacation

If you have kids then you know that it is never too early to prepare for summer vacation. Your home life will change as the evenings grow longer and the children are home from school. Here are some ways that you can plan out those days and get your self prepared. The transition will be easier and less stressful that way. Make Note of Important Dates Do you know when the last day of school actually is? Are there half days coming up before then? Will there be parties, dances, fairs, last ditch school fundraisers going on. Make note and … Continue reading

Building a Storm-Safe Shelter

As part of being prepared, should you build a storm safe shelter? Here is some information about shelters and some things that you should know. Why Build a Storm Shelter The main reason to build a storm shelter is to protect you and your family from severe weather, such as tornados and hurricanes. Having a safe place that you can get to when you are home can mean the difference between life and death. If your area is prone to these type of weather phenomena, for example, if you have ever had a tornado touch down near your home, then … Continue reading

Which States Are Most Prone to Which Disasters?

Wondering where your state falls in terms of natural disasters? Knowing what you could possible expect in your area can help you be prepared. The National Weather Service and USA Today put together a map of where common natural disasters are most likely to occur. That said, keep in mind that natural disasters can occur anywhere in the country. For example, while Connecticut is not listed as particularly vulnerable to blizzards, I saw my fair share of them while living there years ago. Blizzards Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, … Continue reading

Be Prepared for Wildfire

Analysts say that this year is going to be a very active one for wildfires. Residents and visitors in vulnerable areas should be prepared to take precaution and to have a a safety plan in place. What are the states most prone to wildfires? Western states from Washington to New Mexico plus Texas are most prone to wildfires. On the east coast, Florida is also prone to wildfires. If you live or visit one of these states, take precaution. There is plenty that you can do right now to reduce the risk of loss of property and loss of life … Continue reading

Get Your SmartPhone Password Protected Now

If you lost your smartphone, what do you think your chances are of recovering it? More importantly, what are the chances that no one would peek into your private information, from your online banking apps and personal files to your email and social networking? Computer security firm Symantec Corp. recently conducted a social experiment about stolen smartphones and the honestly of the people who find them. The results are really surprising. The project loaded smartphones with various apps and files that were meant to tempt prying eyes, such as password file, cloud files, etc. A contacts file was also included … Continue reading

Solar Storms Could Affect Our Planet Today

Okay, here is a new one folks, one of the biggest solar storm to hit our planet is in full force today. The solar flare was released from the sun late Tuesday and is expected to cause disruptions across the planet through the next 24 hours. There are two strong solar flares that erupted and sent plasma and charged particles to Earth at 4 million miles per hour! The combination of intense radiation, radio and magnetic material is expected to cause problems for satellites, communication networks and power grids. What this means is a slew of interesting events may occur … Continue reading

Taking a Minimalist Approach

There was a study I read about a while ago which has stuck with me. Unfortunately, I cannot remember where or when I read this, so I can’t quote the original source. It went something along the lines of how the more possessions someone has, the more stress he also had in his life. People in third world countries who had just the minimal amount of possessions, if any at all outside of the clothes on their backs, tended to be happier than most of us in the richer parts of the world. Hmmm. The more possessions one has, the … Continue reading

Tips for Preserving Staples

You can extend the life of your staples, your food, if you just follow a few guidelines. Storing food the right way will keep it fresh. Making sure that your emergency food supply is good and ready to eat is important in any emergency preparedness plan. For a good overall tip for preserving staples is to store them in a cool, dark location, but make sure that this location is also dry. Basements are idea for storage, as long as you have a dehumidifier that can take the moisture from the air and prevent the growth of mold. Whenever you … Continue reading

How Long Will Your Food Last

Storing food and stockpiling is a great idea for being prepared. One issue that can arise is how long is it before food expires? How long do canned goods last, and how long can you store your staples? I came across this dilemma just two days ago when I went through my pantry to rotate some food, having a plan to use up some older items in meals in order to add some new ones and keep everything fresh. I came across ajar of salsa. It contained no expiration date to guide me, and I hadn’t marked one on the … Continue reading

Personal Workplace Disaster Supplies

If you are at work in the event of an emergency, don’t count on being able to go home or even to a shelter. You may be required to shelter in place at your workplace overnight or longer. Being prepared is important, and you can’t count on your employer to provide emergency supplies that you might need. Prepare an emergency kit and keep it in your workplace to be safe. Your kit should contain the following items. A flashlight with extra batteries. If the power is out, navigating the inside of an office building or other workplace can be very … Continue reading