Preparing for Crops


Weekend scrapbooking crops are the perfect venue to learn new techniques, get inspiration from fellow scrappers and experiment with new tools.  The organized get-togethers are exciting and informative, but they can also be intimidating for newbies.

Depending on how large of a crop you attend, you could be looking at scrapbooking with hundreds of other memory book builders.  In order to keep the event running smoothly, there are typically quite a few rules to consider.  When I attended my first crop the following ditty circulated around the ballroom.  It was discovered on and speaks to the unwritten rules of mass cropping sessions:

The Unwritten Rules of Cropping Sessions

  • All space is on a first-come, first-serve base even if sharing a table with other fellow croppers.
  • All croppers must take at least a two hour break after arriving before starting their first LO.
  • Always ask permission before scrap-lifting.
  • Scrap-rookies are allowed to monopolize a scrapper snob’s time to overcome their crophobia.
  • Scrap-rookie should bring all their cropping supplies and tools.
  • All iPods and MP3 players must be fully charge and loaded with favorite songs to keep croppers happy and inspired.
  • Croppers have the right to adjust their iPod/MP3 volume to block out excessive bragging or talking from others in order to concentrate on LOs.
  • Only 50s and 80s music will be allowed as background music at the crop to bring on flashbacks for a desire LO.
  • Scrap-less gowns are acceptable attire. Extra discounts and prizes are given when wearing theme clothing for crop.
  • If children are present, they will be given a puppy dog and a Starbucks drink.
  • No pets are allowed expect in photos and must be in LOs at all times.
  • Spouses or significant others are only allowed to help carrying in cropping totes and supplies and making a Starbucks run for loved one and their fellow croppers.
  • Complaints about spouse or significant others are allowed to relieve stress in hopes of creating a LO.
  • Shouting for joy is acceptable when finishing your sixth LO while others are still working on their first LO of the session.
  • Scrap-apathy is allowed when a scrapbook project is finished during the time of the crop session.
  • Page prig is not allowed (no snippety when a page suggestion is being offered).
  • Scrapper snobs must refrain from scrap-booing when they are unable to finish their first LO as they are helping the scrap-rookie overcome their crophobia.
  • Scrap-looking is encouraged as a source of inspiration.
  • Croppers must be shabby chic at the end of the crop.
  • Scrapaholics are always welcome to crops.
  • Always remember page completion, not perfection.
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