Preparing for Your Home Birth

newbornWhen you plan to have your baby at home, part of preparing yourself for the birth of your baby includes preparing your home so that you have a safe and comfortable place to give birth. As your pregnancy progresses, why not gather up everything that you will need and place it in the area where you would like your birth to take place. The biggest item that you will need is the birthing tub, if you would like to have a water birth. Tubs can be purchased or rented, so ask your midwives about what options there are in your local area. If you will be renting a tub, be sure to reserve it far enough in advance that the rental place has one available at the time that you will need it. If you will not be using a tub, make sure that you have a nice, comfortable mattress to use as a birthing surface.

Other items to gather include a tarp or a plastic shower curtain. This can go under the birthing tub to protect the floor, or on top of the mattress to keep it clean and dry. You will also need an old set of sheets, one that won’t be missed if it is stained beyond repair. Bed pads, massage oil, music, and a birthing ball (or any other birthing props that you might plan to use) should also be stationed near the birthing area. Towels, washcloths, antiseptic soap, rubbing alcohol, menstrual pads, and a large metal bowl to catch the placenta are some other items to collect and place near where you plan to give birth.

Don’t forget to gather up things that will help you to feel comfortable, such as a comfortable robe or pajamas for after the baby is born.  As the big event draws near, make sure that there is somewhere comfortable for your midwives to sit or lay down and rest near you. A collection of easy to prepare or ready to eat snacks and drinks will keep everyone happy during and after your labor and delivery.

Having a home birth is exciting. When you prepare things in advance, you will be more likely to to relax and stay calm as you go through labor and delivery.

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