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My sweet daughter participated in her first primary program this past week. Lovely. I was so excited. She is such a sweet little girl, and being a Sunbeam is a special time. They are just so excited about everything, and not jaded. You know, like the older 10-year-old girls who are just itching to get to Young Women.

But, that is a long way away, so luckily, I can just focus on the present and enjoying her excitement for participating in her first program. But, I was shocked when she was given her part. It was 3 lines!!! Doesn’t that seem like a lot for a tiny little sunbeam? Well, here they were:

I obey Jesus Christ because I love him.
My love for Jesus grows when I pray and study the scriptures.
I can show my love for Jesus when I keep the commandments.

Here is how it actually went down:

I obey Jesus Christ ’cause I love him (she had that line perfected).
My love for Jesus grows when I keep the commandments.
I can show my love for Jesus when I keep the commandments.

Love it. That’s OK that it was not perfect, because she still made true statements. The thing that shocked me the most though was her singing ability. The reason why this shocked me so much is because when she sings at home, or in the car, I wouldn’t exactly call it singing. I would call it mumbling mixed with a few recognizable words. My daughter is also a bit more reserved, laid back, whatever you want to call it. So I was shocked when she started belting out the words to all her favorite Primary songs. It was precious. My child was the loudest one. Who would have thought? Not me!

And when we sang the closing him as a congregation, we could still hear her over everyone else. My little sunbeam shining for everyone to see. I sure was one proud Mama, and I think that her Heavenly Father was proud too.

The programs of the church are incredible. It is amazing to see how these tiny spirits grow to become strong and powerful. The primary program is so special, and I feel blessed to be part of a church that believes in educating our children and teaching them about spiritual things.

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