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Primary Time: Teaching Children About Personal Prayer

Personal prayer is an important concept to teach your children. We begin to teach our children to pray as soon as they are able to talk. It is important that the children truly understand the concept of prayer. It is also important that they begin to make the transition to a truly personal prayer where they begin to talk to their Heavenly Father and seek advice and help. Here are five tips to help.

1) Children learn best when they see you pray. When you have family prayer pray about the needs of your family, and the things that you are grateful for. Ask for blessings for the trials that family members are facing.

2) Talk to your children about prayer being an open communication between themselves and Heavenly Father. This is an important concept for children to grasp. They need to realize that when they pray, they are being heard. Teach them the ways that Heavenly Father will answer them. Talk to them about the ways they can feel the Spirit or a confirmation to a prayer.

3) Teach your children proper prayer language. It is important to use respectful language as you pray. Children should also learn to kneel while praying. This can be taught during family prayer as well. Children will imitate what you do.

4) Encourage your children to pray on their own. My two-year-old still has help with his prayers. My five-year-old has been praying on her own for a few years. Just recently she changed her prayer from the nightly prayer asking for the same things to one much more personal. It is wonderful to hear her prayers now.

5) Share stories about when your prayers were answered with your children. You can share times when you were comforted when you prayed, and more dramatic answers as well. It is important for your children to realize that you have a testimony of the importance of prayer.

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