Problems in the Bedroom?

One thing occurs in the bedroom that can cause lots of problems for married couples. Millions of people are, or have been at some time, affected by this problem. No, I’m not talking about sex problems but snoring. Snoring can create a lot of problems in a marriage.

The reality is one person snores and the other person ends up being kept awake. More often that not, the snorer is the male, but certainly not always. This results in the person who is kept awake, becoming crabby, resentful and unable to function properly during the day. It becomes a source of stress. Then other aspects of the marriage start to suffer.

The problem is compounded if the other person is a light sleeper, which happens to many women once they become mothers. That was my case. Now, my husband jokes that I’m such a light sleeper that I’d ‘hear two ants turn over in the yard.’ He does tend to exaggerate – a little.

Back to the problem of snoring. My father snored when he was on his back, so my mother said. So she’d nudge him or wake him up to turn over onto his side. While that is the case for some snorers, others will snore when they are on back, side or any other way. There are several things that you can do.

The first is excess weight can encourage snoring. Smoking and alcohol will make the snorer worse. Eliminating these factors may solve the problem. So might eliminating dairy food and big meals before bed, or using a higher pillow to elevate the head.

If that fails, there are various sprays and products on the market that will claim to stop snoring. Some people may find them helpful. If they work, fine! Others have found them a waste of money, despite their claims of having the solution.

Have you ever had a snoring problem you or your partner? How did you deal with it? Join me tomorrow for some further suggestions and important information about the snoring problem.

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