Puppy Bowl IV Play-by-Play

Did you catch any of Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl IV? The last couple of years I’ve usually only been able to watch part of it. But this year Wayne had some work to do, so I planted myself in front of the TV with a project of my own (folding buckets-worth of laundry) and watched even more than usual.

Player Introductions

Somehow I managed to miss most of this both times I was able to catch the start of the show. I liked how they introduced them by name, breed, age, and with a description of something about them.

For instance, one said, “Likes to dig snow.” Another was “Only flies first class.” Two that really tickled me were “Rocks out to Snoop Dogg” and “Hides in the laundry basket.”

I never got to see introductions for two of my faves, Attucker and Mrs. Roper. However, I went online and as part of their highlights clip section, they had a portion of the starting line up intro portion. I got to see Mrs. Roper there! Apparently, she likes to “stop and sniff the roses.” Another one I hadn’t seen which cracked me up was Bingo’s. He’s into spy movies.

If you want to catch clips from the show, click here.

Puppies in Action: Favorite Plays

I don’t remember which dogs were involved in the three-way tug with one of the loofa dog toys, a purple one, but at one point they were tugging and shaking and have a high time with that toy. Hysterical!

Then towards the end of the show Abigail just felt like running. She was all over the place! Back and forth across the field she sprinted, with the others trying to keep up. And I think it was her who was nuts about the water bowl. She kept scooping it out every time the ref refilled it. (She got called on a Puppy Penalty for it at one point.)

Puppy Penalties and Puppy Fouls

Speaking of puppy penalties… Periodically the ref blew the whistle and picked up a pooch while declaring what offense had been committed. I don’t remember all the calls, but they had clever names to coincide with real football fouls.

Here’s two that stood out to me. (1) Illegal blocking of the water bowl when one of the Corgi’s decided to guard it from under the goal post and bark whenever someone tried to get a sip. (2) One of the bigger dogs (I want to say it was Colt or Bruin) got called for illegal holding when he got a little too “friendly” with one of the other pups (if you catch my drift).

MVP Predictions

In Gearing Up for Puppy Bowl IV I singled out 11 of the 33 pups who might be contenders for MVP status. Was I right on any? Yes!

PetSmart’s MVP was Abigail. Viewer’s Choice MVP went to Jackson. (Abigail came in 2nd on the Viewer’s Choice as well.)

And as for my other picks? Six of them placed in the Viewer’s Choice Top 20: Attucker was 12th, Colt came in 11th, Rascal was 18th, Dixie 10th, Scuba 13th, and Tucker placed in Top 10 at 6th. Not bad!

Question to Readers

Did you watch? What was your favorite moment of the show? Who was your MVP pick?

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