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Putting Some Spring In Your Home

It’s just about, so close, very near…can you feel it? It’s spring, and here it’s sneaking through the cracks every few days. Today was a day that was dark, damp, and sleeting, though: very winter-like.

If you’re feeling the winter blues, what can you do to add some spring to your home and hopefully to your step?

1. Flowers and plants

Nothing says spring like adding a few flowers to your home. My favorite is the forced bulb. It’s so easy to force bulbs to bloom. Just place a paperwhite in a pot and place it in a sunny location or under a grow light for a couple of weeks. You’ll be amazed by how it shoots up and blooms! These days, we also have pussywillows adorning our rooms – another sure sign that spring is almost here. We also have delicious microgreens and sprouts growing in our home, because even if spring’s not yet here, we can still grow greens!

2. Spring decorations

We have a box of seasonal decorations that we pull out every year around this time. Changing the pillows on the couch, adding a spring picture to the mantle, and just enjoying the change gets me in the springtime groove.

3. Clean, clean, clean

So what if it isn’t quite spring yet? After a winter with more indoor time, you might feel trapped by all of the stuff in your house. If you’re feeling the urge, start to find new homes for old items. Look to Freecycle, Craigslist, and local charities to find a home for your old stuff, and clear out the winter blues.

4. Natural lighting

I live in a place that’s very dark in the winter time, and sometimes it’s easy to get down. I’ve found that lights like artificial daylight lamps work very well. If you work at home or are at home a lot, can you position your work and play spaces so that they face the natural light that comes into your home, or add full spectrum lighting to compensate?

5. Get out!

On those days when it is a little bit sunny, get out of the house. Even if it’s not spring at all where you are, go for a walk in the sunshine and you’ll find that your mood lifts and you have renewed energy to attend to your house and family.

Image Credit: tevjanphotos / CC by 2.0