Quilled Easter Crafts

Quilled Easter Crafts

What You Need:

Strips of construction paper approximately ½” wide, in assorted colors
Toothpick or other object to wind the paper around
Craft glue
Card stock

What You Do:

Have him press the end of a paper strip onto the side of a toothpick. If he is using a slotted tool, ask him to thread the end of the paper through the slot.

Show him how to carefully twirl the paper, keeping the edges as aligned as possible. If he is using an un-slotted tool like a toothpick, instruct him to hold the tool in place as he winds paper around it. He may find it easier to start off by setting the paper and tool on the table and winding the paper around the tool in a motion similar to rolling dough.

Once he gets to the end of the paper strip, have him gently slide the paper off the tool, without releasing it.

The paper should now be in a tight coil. If he wants to keep it this way, have him dab glue onto the end and hold it against the roll for several seconds until it sets.

If he wants to make a loose, closed coil, ask him to let go once the paper slides off of the tool. When it has unraveled to his liking, have he can glue the end of the paper strip to the roll.

Have him maneuver the paper coil to his liking: If he pinches one side of the coil to make a point, he’ll get a teardrop shape. If he pinches both sides of the coil, he’ll create a shape that resembles an eye. If he folds the paper strip in half prior to twirling, and winds each end towards the center, he’ll create an open heart. Remember: The shapes don’t have to be perfect! He should have fun with it.