Random Resources for Genealogists

treasure chest Today, while I was procrastinating and playing around on the internet, I found some really interesting stuff for genealogists to check out. It seems I accidentally fell into a treasure trove when I wasn’t expecting it at all. Unexpected good things can randomly happen with genealogy.

Remember the Halloween family photo contest that MyHeritage held shortly before Halloween? Maybe you entered it with a photo of your family all dressed up for Halloween. Have you wondered who won? MyHeritage has announced the winner on their blog. Go check out the really cute photo that won!

Want to make a calendar that features your family? You can easily do it if you have a MyHeritage subscription. All the family birthdays, anniversaries, and other important events that you entered into your MyHeritage account will be automatically placed into the calendar.

A collage of family photos will appear on the cover page for each month. The family members in the photos will be automatically selected because the people have a significant event happening in that month. This could be an easy way to create some Christmas gifts for your relatives.

The ScotlandsPeople website has added a collection of Wills & Testaments. The collection of wills and testaments range from 1902 to 1925. There are a total of 392,595 new records. The records represent the last wishes of 267,548 people from all social classes.

There is an interesting quote about the importance of the information in the wills and testaments. “From a family history viewpoint, the records name family members and friends, thereby highlighting the relationships that the dying person considered to be most important.”

Family Tree Magazine is seeking a genealogy “newbie” to blog about exploring his or her roots. That could be you! Their current Family Tree First’s blogger is Shannon Bennet. She is now ready to graduate beyond the title of “beginning genealogists”. Someone else will need to step in.

If you want to give this a try, you need to fill out the application. Fill out the form. Compose your first blog post directly on the online application form. The deadline for submissions is November 16, 2012. The winner will be notified by December 1, 2012. The winner will become their new blogger and will have access to Family Tree Magazine’s how-to genealogy products, Family Tree University classes and webinars, and also some products, services, and surprises from their sponsors.

FamilySearch has a blog that lists the new research lessons that have been added. There are a total of 17 videos that you can watch for free. These lessons were created in September 2012.

Image by Tom Garnett on Flickr