Re-Evaluating your Family Media Boundaries this Summer

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While driving on a trip or around town do you find yourself yelling, “Look up! Baby cows, or bald eagle!” or pointing out some other exciting view out the window?

The goal is for your kids to disengage and not miss the world passing them by.

Take time this week to sit down and make a plan for your family digital diet.  For everyone.  In 2015 we struggle with all the media options we have starting at a very young age.  Take the time to set boundaries for this diet to keep your life balanced.

Look for our upcoming series on steps to help you develop a plan and maintain it.

In Jane Brody’s NYT article, with it’s attached studies, she addresses the concern of media in our children’s lives.

Re evaluate and/or re institute what boundaries and rules you have set up in your family.

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“Technology is a poor substitute for personal interaction. Out in public, Dr. Steiner-Adair added, “children have to know that life is fine off the screen. It’s interesting and good to be curious about other people, to learn how to listen. It teaches them social and emotional intelligence, which is critical for success in life.” Children who are heavy users of electronics may become adept at multitasking, but they can lose the ability to focus on what is most important, a trait critical to the deep thought and problem solving needed for many jobs and other endeavors later in life.”

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