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Real Food Matters

real foodHow well does your family eat? Sometimes, it can seem like the easiest solution to dinner is the best choice, especially when busy families are balancing after-school activities, homework, and everything else. Fast food is quick, but generally not the healthiest way to go. Instead, families should change their lifestyle to include real food.

Don’t worry if you feel that learning about real food, how to cook it, and where to buy it, seems overwhelming. There is a fantastic website that can teach you everything you need to know. BantingWarehouse understands that real food matters. They provide information for people who want their families, and themselves, to eat better.

BantingWarehouse is based in Cape Town, South Africa. It is run by three women: Carol, Pat and Dalene, each of whom is passionate about good, healthy food. You can find out more about them by reading their short biographies.

The main focus of BantingWarehouse is on a lifestyle movement that has been called the low-carb, high-fat, dietary way of life. It is called “Banting”. You may have seen it written as LCHF. The philosophy that drives the blog is “Get back into the kitchen and cook your own food”.

Before you can do that, you may need some help. Many of us are not well-versed on the nutrition value of various foods, and might not know where to shop for them. There are things to consider like food quality, cost of food, and also the ethical aspects connecting to how the food is grown and the food’s impact on local populations.

Some portions of the BantingWarehouse website are geared for people who live in South Africa. For Americans, the most useful parts would be the sections that includes recipes. Start with the Recipe section and search around, then click over to the Readers’ Recipes section for more. The recipes make it easy for people who are just starting to eat in a LCHF way to learn what foods to select.

It is suggested that people start by reading a book that was written by Tim Noakes in 2013. It is called “The Real Meal Revolution”. It is the starting point. The main concept from the book, and the BantingWarehouse, is that our bodies prefer to be fueled by fat rather than carbs.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that any fat will do. They encourage people to seek out the best quality pasture fed meat and the best quality organic produce. It may take longer to cook a meal with real food at home than it would to run through the nearest fast food drive-in, but the health aspects are worth the extra effort.

Personally, I always recommend that people speak with their doctor before jumping into a new diet plan. Your doctor can figure out if you happen to have a health issue, disease, or condition that would indicate that the LCHF diet is not the best choice for you. If your doctor approves, then that is just one more reason to give this real food way of eating a try!

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